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2023 Events:

*2nd Annual College Sports Performance

Summer Program:

All College athletes are welcome to join us this summer.

Prepare for your College Sport by IAM's

Coach Tony Decker and Coach Kate Decker, with

Decades of Combined College Coaching Experience.  

Strength, Speed, Power, COD

Email Today to Join Us!

Starting June 2023

*3rd Annual AthletiPeak Performance Summer Camps

(To Be Held through Chattanooga Christian School).  

Your coaches:  Coach Tony Decker, Coach Kate Decker

2 Middle School Camps:  

June 12-15 1-4pm.             July 10-15 1-4pm

For more information and to register:

*CCS Strength and Conditioning Clinic

May 6, 2023 

Host:  CCS and IAM's Director, Coach Tony Decker.

Sponsor Mondo Flooring

Speakers Include:  Coach Kate Decker and other top professionals. For  more information.

*DND Sports Performance Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention Conference, PA

June 16-17, 2023:  

Speakers:  IAM's 

Coach Tony Decker, Coach Kate Decker

and many other top professionals.

For more information and to register:

*Physical Therapist 4 Day Workshop

(Private Event)

Hamilton County Public School Workshop

(Private Event)

*Boyd Buchanan School Presentations

(Private Events)

*Spiritual Growth Summit: Presentor

(Online World wide Event)


Online Continuing Education Courses

Previous Events:


2nd Annual Southeast Regional 

Strength & Conditioning Educational Clinic:

Hosting Event:  

Chattanooga Christian School &

Director: IAM's & CCS' Coach Tony Decker 

Institute of Athletic Movement is a

Sponsor of this event.

IAM's Coaches Kate Decker and Tony Decker will be presenters along with Top Coaches.  See Link Below.  Join us May 14, 2022 for this Impactful Event

1st Annual College Sports Performance

Summer Program:

All College athletes are welcome to join us this summer.  Space is limited.

Join us to improve your speed, strength and quickness while learning mindset 

and techniques to help in reducing injuries.  

All of this will be included in our College Summer Sports Performance Program.  

Details and sign up coming soon!

Starting June 2022

2nd Annual Peak Athletic Performance Summer Camps:

In Conjunction with CCS.  

Available to All Athletes 6th-9th Grade:  

6th - 9th Grade  1-4pm

June 6-9, 2022   


6th - 9th Grade   1-4pm  

July 11-14, 2022



Book:  Coming Soon!

Developing a Winning Attitude

       For Athletes, Coaches, Parents and 

Anyone Interested in Sports,


The passion behind this book is to help in the development of improved communication between the coach and athlete, how to improve mindset through positive affirmations, goal setting, and non-verbal communication.

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