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Kind Words. From Special People

To have the opportunity to positively impact people's lives is an honor and blessing.  
Thankful for each individual with whom we work.

"I have had the great pleasure to have known Kate Decker in a working capacity for about 12 years.  In my career in college football, 9 years as a position coach and then as the Director of Football Operations at the University of Maryland, Temple University and the University of Miami for 14 years, I would swear by the service that Kate provides. I  have literally seen her work miracles with our players.  She was able to take players that had chronic and prolonged injuries that "traditional" sports medicine techniques couldn't get healed and she had them cured in an extremely short period of time.  When I recommend people from all walks of life to Kate it is with this description, "I promise she will get you right with no issue.  I don't know exactly how to explain what she does because it is part sports medicine, part strength and conditioning and part mental training, but whatever you want to call it, IT WORKS!  What i the most important aspect of the entire process in my opinion is that she truly CARES about her clients.  She wants what is best for them physically, mentally and spiritually.  That is rare in this age we live in.  One of the greatest testaments is to observe the genuine caring that occurs between Kate and the players that she has treated and worked with.  It can be 8 to 10 years later and you can see and hear the true affection that they have for her and what she has done to help change their lives with her skills.  I can truly say that there isn't a month that goes by that I don't recommend Kate to somebody, regardless of where they live, because I know without a doubt she can make a difference."

-Tom Deahn, 23 Years in College FB as Coach and Director of FB Operations

University of Maryland, Temple University, University of Miami

"Tony and Kate Decker are 2 of the most outstanding professionals and individuals whom I have been associated in my 35+ years in the field of athletic performance and performance enhancement.   Their combined background in Sports Medicine in conjunction with their experiences in the Performance Enhancement Training of Athletes at various levels of competition provide them with a unique combination of credentials held by very few.  They are outstanding at enhancing an athlete's physical capabilities without needlessly placing them at risk of injury.  I highly recommend them for athletic performance enhancement training of individuals as well as the team setting.

​Rob Panariello, MS, PT, ATC, CSCS

Director of Health, P-olerformance and Innovation at the Carolina Panthers

Founding Partner, Professional Physical Therapy

USA Strength & Conditioning Hall of Fame, NSCA's President's Award

I’ve been a place kicker for over 13 years in the NFL. I first saw Kate about 8 years ago when coming off a hamstring injury. She not only got me back on the field, feeling better, getting the hamstring healed and working on rehabilitation for it. Then I started using Kate as a strength coach. Over the 8 years she has been able to work with my biomechanics, soft tissue and thinking outside of the box as far as wellness. I’ve never had anyone besides a Doctor who takes such meticulous notes. She can go back and say well three years ago we were noticing these things with your body. She knows the body backwards and forwards whether it’s ART, fascial stretching, or strength and conditioning. Kate and Tony Decker really made a difference in my career. I’ve been to the Pro Bowl 5 times and 4x All Pro and a lot of that success in maintenance has been due to Kate and Tony Decker. I love them to death. Give them a shot. You’ll see the results!

David Akers, Kicker, NFL

Hall of Fame - Philadelphia Eagles

6 x Pro Bowler, 2x All-Pro, 4x 2nd Team All-Pro, 2000's All Decade Team

"I'm a triathlete and duathlete and have been competing for 20 years and competed in national, international and several world championships.  I've worked with Kate for 7 years in several ways.  In training she's helped my running and biomechanics helping me run faster and more efficiently.  We also worked on leg strength for cycling to increase my muscular endurance and power and upper body strength for my swimming.  All of these have had a big impact on my performance.

In getting older she's helped me compete at a high-level. She's helped with mental focus through positive affirmations and visualization. Kate also assisted me with Movement and sports therapy.  There are times I have had issues with my hip or my knee and she's helped through ART.  She has really helped keep me training and competing at a high level!"

​Lorrie Beck,

National & World Triathlete

USAT Multi-Sport Coach, USA Tri Coach

I've worked with Kate for 7 years, after my teammate Sheldon Brown suggested it.  After meeting her for the 1st time I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  I was just coming off a shoulder injury and was struggling to figure out a way to become a starter in the NFL and make my imprint in the league.  Since working with Kate I really skyrocketed.  I was faster, stronger and better conditioned than most of my teammates.  I've become a starter in the league, been to the Pro Bowl and All Pro.  The numbers speak for themselves.  I've worked with her on Olympic lifting, power training, footwork and speed,  When you really think about it that's what football's all about.

Anytime I've had injuries I've been able to get back on the field quicker.  Whenever I saw her I knew that she was going to do what was best for me, made sure I was going to be able to play and had my best interest at heart.  She made sure everything was always confidential and that I was 100%.  I value that.  I've been able to to from the Bottom to the top and its all because of training with Kate.


Quintin Mikell, Safety, NFL

NFL 2x All Pro & Pro Bowler

Your Dreams.  Your Goals. Your  Health.  We Can Help.

"I came to know Kate through an employee who was having work done for a frozen shoulder.  I was impressed and sent my wife to her following adhesive capsulitis surgery.  She had been seeing a physical therapist with minimum results.  Kate began working with her and she started improving immediately.  She also began postural reeducation exercises which improved her structure.  I need to mention I am a Chiropractor & certified in all levels of Active Release Technique, but am unable to dedicate the length of time per patient that's where Kate excels.  I would recommend Kate to anyone who needs high end rehab work or is simply interested in keeping their body healthy.

Dr. Jack O'Hea, DC

Medford, NJ

“Kate, is a wonderful, caring woman who wants nothing more than to see everyone live a happier and healthier life!  She provides nothing but the best work for all individuals in great need of care.  I've been working with Kate for over 5 years. Every time we complete a session I feel like a new man. Kate has been a blessing.  She works magic!”

​Donovan McNabb, NFL QB, 6x Pro Bowler, 3x Offensive Player of the Year, NFC Player of the Year, Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame

"I started working with Tony & Kate in college after surgeries for ACL, MCL, Patella & 3 Meniscus tears.  For most athletes this is a death sentence for their career.  Due to the work I did with Tony & Kate I was still able to compete at the highest level and fulfill my dream to play professionally.  They demanded your best and in return you always got theirs.  There is nothing more an athlete can ask for.  My only regret is not meeting them prior to my injuries.  If they could get my body to perform at that high of a level after the fact I can only imagine what we could have done had we worked together prior to my injuries."

​Ryan Kelly, Defender

Columbus Crew (MLS)

It's been a pleasure to work with Kate Decker. She has taken great care of my body since I became an Eagle. Thanks to Kate my body is ready and prepared for games every Sunday!! Much appreciated!

DeSean Jackson, WR, NFL

Philadelphia Eagles

3x Pro-Bowler, All Pro

2x All American

"Kate and her skill set has been a game changer for my career. Whenever something is wrong, I seek out Kate for ART and she quickly assesses then mends whatever ailment I'm having.  A lot of people don't realize that the specific location of their pain is usually not the source of their problem.  Kate understands the road map of the body, finds those sources, and takes care of them."

Evan Mathis, Guard, NFL

NFL, Super Bowl Champion, 2x Pro Bowler, 1st Team All-Pro, 3x Pro Football Focus All-Pro,

Owner Zone Athletic Performance

"I had the privilege to accompany a team as well as Kate Decker on a mission to Cali, Colombia where I personally had intense back pain and Kate did a release technique that within 4 minute, I was feeling extremely well.  All pain was gone.  I also witnessed a patient with a frozen limb (left arm) who received therapy techniques and within 10 minutes she was able to move the arm which she verbalized she had not moved in years.  It was amazing to witness Kate in action.  Kate, you and Tony are a blessing!!"

Mary Santana, Counselor and Interpreter

"With Tony & Kate's help I was able to lose weight, become quicker, stronger & improve in my overall game.  Although somedays it was challenging, I knew in the long run it was for the best,  Thank you for all you've done for me!"

Sagana Diop,

Ret. Center, NBA, Charlotte Bobcats,

Current Asst. Coach, Utah Jazz


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