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Life and Motivational Coaching                      

Online or In-Person

Available for Individual, Group or Team

Your sessions are individualized to you and your needs. We get to know you, your values and passion, the obstacles in your path and triumphs.  Together we uncover what is of the utmost importance to you or your team and create a plan to zero in on your goals and develop the steps to achieve them.  We help to motivate you and assist you in staying focused and on track towards greater success.  Overcoming obstacles?  We will help you with positive affirmations, or as we say, "Winning Thoughts." As life changes, goals sometimes change.  We can help with redirection toward your new goals and plan to achieve success in your new direction.  

Individual Packages Start at $250 per month.  

Team inquiries please call or email us.   

Sports Performance Coaching & 

Sports Therapy   

Online or In-Person

Available for Individual, Group or Team


Every athlete, individual and team is different.  We start by getting to know you/your team, strengths, and areas in which you want to improve and customize programs and packages to your needs to increase success. 

Sports Performance

  • Coaching to improve power, strength, agility and speed will be developed toward your particular sport's', special attention is also geared toward reducing potential injuries.

  • Your sessions are exercise science based utilizing advanced principles in program design and combine sports medicine, strength and speed concepts addressing muscular balance for quicker results.

  • Working back from an injury?  We can work closely with your medical team to enhance your running, cutting and lifting patterns as you return to play.


Sports Therapy (In-Person) & Movement Correction

  • Will involve a few steps to determine movement patterning. Posture, functional testing, walking or running or other movement observations may be involved.

  • The next step can include hands on active or passive stretching, and or muscular and fascial reeducation through muscular releases to enhance movement, strength, flexibility, and help reduce many types of pain patterns.  (Some therapy may include ART or FST)

  • You may choose to enhance the therapy by adding corrective exercises developed for you to continue your progression.

 Individual or Team Packages Available.

Consults and Workshops:    

Teams & Groups     


*Have you seen an increase in injuries?

*Is your program design scientifically based?

*Do you want a stronger more explosive team?

*Can your team be faster or have quicker transitions?

*Are you strongest during playoffs or are you fading?

*Do you have a proper progression back from injury to full speed and cuts? Are your injured athletes more at risk for further injury once they return to their sport?

We can help your team have the competitive edge through consults and workshops designed to enhance strengths and reduce weaknesses.

Consults and Workshops:            



US Companies lose billions annually due to absenteeism.  Stress, Back & Repetitive Motion Injuries are contributors.  Traveling, sitting behind a desk, constant tech work or lifting improperly can wreck havoc on our bodies, and attitude.

*Did you know that stretching can reduce stress?

*Positive affirmations can help overcome obstacles

And create a more positive work environment

*There are ways to reduce muscle soreness with muscle balance.

*Proper biomechanics and lifting techniques with corrective exercises throughout the day can assist.

Working with 100's of business owners and workers, individually we have developed corrective techniques and positive focus drills to help our clients. Let us help you keep your employees healthier and motivate them with positive affirmations.

Motivational Speaker & Workshop Presenter


Coach Tony and Kate Decker are Exuberant Motivational and Health Care Speakers and Workshop Presenters Who Inspire Captivated Audiences While Providing Hot Topics and Expert Knowledge on Health, Athletics, Mind-Set and Faith.

Recent Topics Include:

*Leadership Training

*Creative Fitness for Life

*Winning With Positive Focus and Faith

*Training Beyond the Course: Golf Fitness

*Repetitive Motions and Impacts on Your Body

*Training Athletes While Reducing Risk of Injury

*Learning Healthy Choices Exercise for Healthier Living

*Proper Lifting Techniques at Work and Every Day Life

*Fascial Considerations: Warm-up, Weight-Room, Return to Play

*Understanding Fascia, Affects on Performance & Injury Return

*Demonstration of Techniques & Postural/Movement Analysis

for the Injured & Non-Injured Athlete

*Fascial Restrictions: Affects on Strength, Speed,

Power & Performance

*Movement Assessment & Fascial Correction

*Against All Odds:  Overcoming Obstacles

Enhance Performance & Injury Recovery

*Strength Program Designed for Speed 

*Changing Lives Through Faith and Fire

*Reducing the Risks of ACL Injuries

Interested In Booking Coach Tony or Kate 

for Your Next Event?

Or For More Information

       Speaker And Workshop Presenter

For schools, organizations, men's & women's groups and athletic organizations including:

  • East Stroudsburg University

  • Chattanooga Christian School

  • Eastern Athletic Trainers Association

  • National Athletic Trainers Association

  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • Hobart College

  • Fork Union Military Academy

  • Juniata College Strength and Conditioning Clinic 

  • NJ Board of Education Student Association

  • Philadelphia Eagles

  • Philanthropic Educational Organization

  • Rowan University

  • Shepherd of the Sea Lutheran Men in Mission

  • Southeastern Sports Medicine Symposium

  • Susquehanna Sports Health Systems

  • National Strength & Conditioning Assoc. Events

  • University of Delaware

  • William-Smith College                                                         

We Are With You

Every Step Of The Way...

Join Our Concierge Service Today!

Concierge Service                              

(Limited Number Per Year) Annual Rate   

Want it All?  Your Concierge Service Awaits and Is Available Each Year to a Select Number of Clients Providing You with Holistic, Personalized Service to Help You Reach Your Athletic or Health and Fitness Goals.  Particular Care Is Taken To Identify and Discuss Your Weekly and Monthly Needs While Providing Continuous Updates to Help You Stay Healthy and Stride Forward to Obtain Your Specialized Objectives.

Your Concierge Service Provides a Minimum of the Following:

  • 4 Short Video Analysis Per Month (Running, Lifting, General Movement Patterns, Sport Film)

  • 4 - 30 Minute or 2 - 60 Minute Zoom Consults/Workouts or Flexibility Sessions Per Month.

  • General Nutrition Overview Semi-Annually 

  • Running and lifting progressions based on each session and video analysis.

  • Corrective Exercise According to Analysis, Sport and Goals

  • Accessibility through text or email

  • 2 - 3 or 4 Days a Week Workout Sessions Per Month Built for You, Your Goals and Needs Specifically In Mind.

  • 2 - 30 Minute Life Coaching Sessions Per Week to Help You Stay Focused and Successful

*Expanded Services Can Be Added (Fee) To Include Additional: Sessions, Analysis and Sports Therapy Sessions (In-Person).  Travel To Your Location Will Also Be Considered.

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  • Book:  "Get Your Head in the Game"

       For Athletes, Coaches, Parents and 

Anyone Interested in Sports,


It helps each person see the other side and assists with positive affirmation exercises, goal setting and understanding non-verbal communication and body language to bridge the gap and even the playing field.

  • Continuing Education Courses

 For Strength and Conditioning and Sports Coaches, Fitness Trainers, and Sports Medicine Professionals.

       Learn advanced hands-on and movement pattern  techniques utilized with professional and collegiate athletes

      as well as the general public to help increase flexibility, strength, power and reduce many potential injuries and recover from injuries.

  • Workshops/Webinars            

Reviewing health and sports trends,

speed, strength techniques, and products in

sports and fitness.  

We will also be posting interviews and sharing behind the scenes

information on injuries, protection and sports performance.

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