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How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals.


1.  We look at you holistically.

2.   Learn about you, your strengths, areas of improvement and your specific goals.

2.  Understand your history and any injuries you had

or from which you are currently recovering.

3.  Analyze your movement patterns or film to

enhance your sports performance or return from injury.


1.  We learn your goals and coaching style.

2.  Enhance Performance through hands-on workshops.

3.  Provide goal setting, and winning thought team building sessions.

4.  Consult on a variety of areas to enhance performance, reduce injuries, and assist with mental focus and positive affirmations.



Life and Motivational Coaching

Online or In-Person.                                             Available for Individual, Group or Team

Your sessions are individualized to you and your needs.  We get to know you, your values and passion, the obstacles in your path and triumphs.  Together we uncover what is of the utmost importance to you or your team and create a plan to zero in on your goals and develop the steps to achieve them.  We help to motivate you and assist you in staying focused and on track towards greater success.  Overcoming obstacles?  We will help you with positive affirmations, or as we say, "Winning Thoughts."

As life changes, goals sometimes change.  We can help with redirection toward your new goals and plan to achieve success in your new direction,

Individual Packages Start at $250 per month.  For Team inquiries please call or email us.   

Triumphant Hiker

Sports Performance Coaching and Sports Therapy,   


Online or In-Person.(Therapy-In Person)                  Available for Individual, Group or Team

Understanding every athlete, individual and team is different, we start by getting to know you/your team, strengths, and areas in which you want to improve and customize programs and packages to your needs to increase success.  Whether increasing speed, strength, agilities and power, correcting movement patterns or returning from or helping to protect agains injuries we help through advanced principles in program design, study of your biomechanics, coaching and/or sports therapy.  

Custom Designed:  May include:

   *Coaching to improve running, speed, strength, power, injury reduction techniques along

    with "individually" full body analysis, medical history review and corrective exercise.

  *Sports and movement re-patterning through unique corrective exercise, running form or



  *Hands-On Muscular and Fascial Reeducation, Fascial Stretch Therapy, PNF, AIS, Active    

    Release Technique

 Individual or Team Packages Available.

Consults and Workshops:                                                                 In-Person (Some Online Workshops Available)

Team: Athletes, Coaches, Sports Medicine Professionals.

Are your drills up to professional standards?

  • Can your team be faster or have quicker transitions?

  • Do you want a stronger more explosive team?

  • Is your program design progressing to be strongest during playoffs or are you fading?

  • Have you seen an increase in injuries?

  • Do you have a proper progression back from injury to full speed and cuts? Or are your injured athletes more at risk for further injury once they return to their sport.


See Speaking Engagements for More Topics.            





Consults and Workshops:                                        In-Person or Online Workshops Available



Corporate:  Executives to Every Employee:  Creating a Positive / Healthy Environment


US Companies lose billions each year due to absenteeism.  Stress, back and repetitive motion injuries can be contributors to this loss.  We can help.

  • Did you know that stretching can reduce stress?

  • Positive affirmations can help overcome obstacles and create a more positive work environment

  • Taking short breaks can enhance productivity.  Using this time to do correctives can help even more.

  • There are ways to reduce repetitive and work related injuries.  Proper biomechanics and lifting techniques, along with corrective exercises throughout the day can assist.

With a combined background in business, analysis, movement reeducation, repetitive motion, psychology, strength and reducing injuries, we will build workshops will be unique to you and your industry.

See Speaking Engagements for More Topics.                                                 Contact Us Today!

Online:  Training or Movement, Running, Lifting Analysis and Correctives               


You're putting in the time, energy and hard work to reach your goals, but if your form is off due to improper


muscle balance, flexibility, or biomechanics you may not be getting as much reward from your workouts, or worse


you can be placing yourself at higher risk for injury.  Now the questions are...

  • What can you do to get better?

  • Is your running, weight lifting or sports technique sound or could it be better to help performance?

  • Are your techniques helping or hindering you from reaching your goals? 

  • Is your program design stagnant?  Is it science based to achieve greater success?

  • Are you prone to injury?  

Our science based training, and movement analysis can help you through proper progression and improving your technique to enhance performance, reduce risk of injury and help you achieve your goals.

Interested in a quick analysis?  We will review your running/sports film or lifting technique and give correctives.

Want to start making a major impact in your training?  Online one-on-one or your small group training is available.  Start today!


Packages Start at $300 

The Complete Athlete


You're putting in the time, energy and hard work to reach your goals, but if your running, weight lifting or sports

Perform * Protect * Recover

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