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Speed – Strength – Conditioning

Champions are separated by the preparation, mental toughness, commitment to excellence, and the sacrifices they make which separates them from others.  I AM provides:

"I’ve worked with Kate for seven years now, after my teammate Sheldon Brown suggested it.  After meeting her for the 1st time I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I was just coming off a shoulder injury and was struggling to figure out a way to become a starter in the NFL and make my imprint in the league. Since working with Kate I really skyrocketed. I was faster, stronger and better conditioned than most of my teammates. I’ve become a starter in the league, been to the Pro Bowl and All Pro. The numbers speak for themselves.  I’ve worked with her on Olympic lifting, power training, footwork and speed. When you really think about it that's what football's all about.

Anytime I’ve had injuries I’ve been able to get back on the field quicker. Whenever I saw her I knew that she was going to do what was best for me, made sure I was going to be able to play and had my best interest at heart.  She made sure everything was always confidential and that I was 100%. I value that. I’ve been able to go from the bottom to the top and it’s all because of training with Kate."

​Quintin Mikell, NFL,

NFL 2x All Pro & Pro Bowler

Speed Training:

     *Team, small group, and individualized training options focusing on the five primary components.

     *Start Speed, Acceleration, Transition Speed, Finish Speed and Change of Direction. Utilizing biomechanical and scientific principles, we look at the teaching of joint angle application, body control and burst, and sport required demands.

Strength – Power – Explosion:

     *Team, small group and individual training options focusing on age specific principles, functional progressions, and sport application.

     *Developing strength, power and explosive starts with technique. Safe technique. The progressions of I AM are based on sport demands and concepts in program design in order to peak the athlete / athletes at the most desired time.


     *Team, small group, and individual application to meet the needs of each sport. Performing at peak levels late in a contest is just as critical as during the beginning of practice or competition.

     *The Coaches of I AM will guide the athlete / athletes in sport required energy system demands, rotatory needs, and drills applied to specifically train the athlete in meeting their Physiological requirements of the chosen sport and finish as energized as they start.

**Please note Due to limited availability individualized training is on a first come first serve basis.  Thank you for understanding.

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