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Kate Decker

Is An Exuberant Motivational Speaker, and Workshop Presenter Who Inspires Her Audience While Providing Hot Topics and Expert Knowledge on Faith, Health and Athletics

Recent Topics Include:

*Training Beyond the Course: Golf Fitness

*Training Athletes While Reducing Risk of Injury

*Creative Fitness for Life

*Fascial Considerations in the Warm-up, Weight-Room and Return to Play

*Changing Lives Through Faith and Fire

*Learning Healthy Choices and Exercises for Healthier Living

*Against All Odds:  Overcoming Obstacles

*Leadership Training

*Understanding Fascia, Affects on Performance & Injury Return

*Creative Concepts on Program Design

*Leadership Training Workshop

*Demonstration of Techniques & Postural/Movement Analysis for the

Injured & Non-Injured Athlete

*Movement Assessment & Fascial Correction Enhance Performance & Injury Recovery

*Reducing the Risks of ACL Injuries

*Fascial Restrictions and Affects on Strength, Speed, Power & Performance

*Strength Program Designed for Speed 

*Proper Lifting Techniques in the Workplace and Every Day Life

*Repetitive Motions and Impacts on Your Body: Ways to Counterbalance

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