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IAM's Mission  

Coaching each individual and team to reach their goals in athletics and life by becoming faster, stronger, more flexible, less prone to injury and more focused through coaching, therapy, life coaching, education and motivational speaking

Meet Our Team

Tony Decker,

Director of Education

Tony's passion is in training, coaching and teaching athletes to reach their goals through science based programs and while building lifelong player/coach relationships.


He Is Experienced With

  • Directed Strength & Conditioning for 5 Universities

  • Trained Professionals in past or present in NFL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, MLS, USATF

  • Served under 5 Collegiate Hall of Fame Coaches

  • 17 Years College Teaching

  • Dual Background in Strength & Conditioning & Sports Medicine

  • National, Regional, Local Speaker

  • Studied under Super Bowl, NBA, MLB, MLS, Olympic Speed and Weightlifting Coaches

Coach Deck utilizes a combination of the most advanced principles from both Strength & Conditioning and Sports Medicine to design Scientific programs that are geared toward both team and individual needs. 

Tony has Directed Strength & Conditioning Departments at:

  • University of Delaware

  • University of Virginia

  • Temple University

  • Susquehanna University

  • Coastal Carolina University

  • Velocity Sports Performance

  • Served as a Consultant to Numerous Teams, Individuals, Schools and Groups on both Strength & Conditioning and Sports Medicine Topics

In addition to IAM's Director of Education, Tony is current Director of Strength and Conditioning and Department Chair of Physical Education at Chattanooga Christian School.  He is the host of an Annual Strength and Conditioning Clinic at CCS featuring national presenters.  He continues to Speak Nationally at Sports Medicine and Sports Performance Conferences, has assisted in Redesigning 11 Weight Room Facilities within College, High School and Private Sectors and is called in as a Consultant for Teams to assist with Proper Athletic Progression, Injury Prevention and Return from Injury.

Coach of the Year Awards

  • National Strength & Conditioning

      Coach of the Year

  • Regional Coach of the Year

  • 2 Time Conference Coach of the Year.

Coach Deck's Certifications Current/Previous

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • ACE Total Golf Performance & Injury Prevention

  • Has Taught at the College and High School Level in Strength & Conditioning, Exercise Science, Nutrition, Movement Studies, Sports Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology

  • Former Athletic Trainer

Kate Decker,

Founder & Director

Kate's passion is in helping others succeed in sports performance, protection and recovery from injury while keeping a positive focus through coaching, therapy, education and motivation.

She Is Experienced With

  • Olympians from 7 sports

  • NFL Players from 15 teams


  • Collegiate athletes from 30 universities & numerous sports

  • Creating strong foundations with middle school, and high school athletes of numerous sports- adult athletes & non athletes to assist in injury recovery and increased performance.

  • National, Regional, Local Speaker and Featured Speaker with Women Speakers 

  • Individuals dealing with repetitive motion, soft tissues injuries, neuro-muscular, sports, and work related injuries. 

  • Modified exercises for the injured athlete

Coach Kate realized at a young age she saw things differently. As a Track and Cross Country athlete in high school she and many of her teammates had shin splints.  She noticed they were all on the inside leg.  She suggested they start running in the opposite direction which helped.  Now she realizes the science of the gait, hip change, muscular imbalance and impact that was occurring which could not only hinder performance, but increase injuries. Today, Coach Kate uses her knowledge in exercise science and sports and movement therapy as well as her current or previous 17 certifications to increase athletic and functional performance while helping to reduce potential injuries and return from ortho and sports injuries.

Hard work, respect, faith and fitness were etched in at an early age through her parents.  This continues today toward serving, motivating and coaching each person and team with whom she has the opportunity to work.


Coach is also recognized as a national motivational and health and sports performance speaker and sits on the Coach's Advisory Council for USA Football and is a standing member of the International Educational Organization, PEO.

Coach KD Has Held Contracts With:

  • Covenant College Men's and Women's Basketball and with Redesign of Weight Room Facilities

  • Philadelphia Eagles: 9 1/2 years

  • Temple University

  • University of North Carolina

  • Coastal Carolina University

  • USA Track and Field:  Team USA

  • Jr. Olympic Individual Athletes

  • Individual Professional Athletes & Olympians

Certifications Current/Previous

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • USATF & USAW Coach, and FSS Medical prev.

  • ACE Total Golf Performance & Injury Prevention
  • Mental Health First Aid Certified

  • Certified Life Coach

  • LMT (Focus: Sports & Clinical)


With Gratitude:

In addition to hard work, education, perseverance and a passion for helping others, we would not be who we are today without incredible teachers, mentors, coaches, athletes, medical and business professionals who have been willing to share and teach.


For all of those who have positively impacted us and shared their expertise, ideas and experience, we thank you. You have made us better so that we in turn can help others achieve greatness. 


A few of these individuals are listed here and on our testimonial page.  To those listed and many more athletes, colleagues, family and friends...

We thank you, 

-Kate and Tony Decker


Coach Zola Budd 

Long Distance Coach

Former Olympian

Rick Burkholder 

Head Athletic Trainer,

Kansas City Chiefs

26 Year in NFL

PA ATC Hall of Fame

Super Bowl Winner

Coach Juan Castillo

Analyst, University of Michigan

20 Year NFL Coach


Coach David Culley

Assistant Head Coach and WR Coach

Baltimore Ravens

Ann and Chris Frederick 

Owners, Stretch to Win,

Creators of Fascial Stretch Therapy 

English Gardner,

Gold Medal Olympian USATF

Anthony Gardner, 

Track & Field, Coach

Dr. Michael Hatrak 

Owner, Muscle Synergy, Atlanta, GA

Super Bowl Champion Doctor

Kenny, Mike and Steve Koplove,

Pro Baseball Athletes, Coach, Scout

MLB/ MiLB / Youth-Philadelphia Area Baseball

Dr. Michael Leahy 

Founder, Active Release Technique

Denver, Co (19 Seasons: Broncos)

Rob Panariello 

Founder, Professional Physical Therapy,

Hall of Fame Strength Coach

Coach Johnny Parker

Retired NFL S&C Coach,

Super Bowl Achievement Award

3 Time Super Bowl Champion

Coach Andy Reid 

Head Football Coach, 

Kansas City Chiefs

6th NFL All Time Head Coaching Win List

Super Bowl Winner

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