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We are faith driven coaches, presenters and health care practitioners focused on developing the leader within each individual.  We believe in lifting each other up and inspiring athletes, teams and individuals to move better, run faster, become stronger, live healthier and achieve their goals!

Tony Decker

Director of Athletic Education


USATF Coach, ACE Total Golf Performance/Injury Prevention

Tony's experience at the College level is unlike any other.  He is currently the Director of Speed, Strength and Conditioning at Coastal Carolina University and has served as Director of S&C with 5 NCAA College Hall of Fame Coaches. 


Coach Deck is the former Head Strength Coach of University of Delaware, Temple University and University of Virginia.  He has trained over 200 past or current professional football players and more than 10 NFL 1st round draft picks.  


With a Dual Purpose Masters Degree in Sports Medicine and Strength & Conditioning, and 17 years college teaching experience his knowledge in unsurpassed. Utilizing his combined background and experience he assists his athletes' improvements across the board in strength and speed while reducing injuries and enabling them to come back faster and stronger from injuries.


He continues to speak Locally, Regionally and Nationally and provides consults on these principles to aid teams, athletes, coaches and sports medicine staffs.

Decker has been named Strength Coach of the Year 4 times and has helped his college teams win Numerous Championships and Bowl games.  Tony's drive for excellence and passion to improve himself & his athletes has 

allowed him visitations to 6 NFL teams, and opportunities to learn from a 4 time NFL Super Bowl Strength Coach, 2 Professional Speed, several Olympic Weightlifting and 2 Top Basketball Coaches.

He has consulted for numerous teams and has been called up to assist coaches in the NFL to reduce injuries. 

While at the college level he has worked with men and women from 22 sports increasing their sports performance and assisting many to their goal of playing professionally.

In the private sector Tony has worked with athletes in the NFL, Olympics, MLB, MLS, USATF, NBA, and high school.  

Kate Decker

Founder/Director of Athletic Movement

CSCS, USATF & USAW Coach, FSS-Medical, ART Provider

Kate was provided the opportunity to be contracted with the Philadelphia Eagles for 9 1/2 years, where she worked with an extraordinary team of coaches and medical professionals, in which time they made 7 Playoff Appearances and were 3x Division Champions. She also worked with numerous Eagles during their 2004 Super Bowl appearance.


In addition to the NFL, Kate's experienced with athletes of all levels & many sports including MLB, MLS, USATF, NBA, USL, NHL, High School, Collegiate & Adult Athletes, & Olympic Medalists of 6 Different Sports.  

As Assistant Strength Coach at Temple University for 5 years, she joined Tony and other great coaches to help TU Football reach their first bowl game in 30 years.

With her 17 certifications and combined background in speed, strength & conditioning and sports and movement patterning and therapy she offers a unique way for athletes and teams to improve performance, reduce injuries, and get back on the field faster. 

Kate has presented Regionally on Speed, Strength and Conditioning, Therapies and Recovery techniques to assist sports performance, and injury reduction.  She has spoken several years on her fascial understanding with sports showing restrictions and their effects on performance and injury recovery. Kate has developed successful techniques to help correct these patterns and enhance performance and assist recovery.

Coach KD is appreciative of her many teachers including sports medicine professionals from 6 NFL teams, Olympic sprint coaches, top Collegiate and NFL Strength & Conditioning coaches and NFL coaches.  The athletes she works with have also been a wealth of knowledge and have helped hone her skills to better assist their performance.


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