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Perform * Protect * Recover

Perform Better, Protect Yourself from many potential injuries and Recover Faster!  

Pre: Reduced MotionDue to Pain
Post: Increased Motion
Reduced Pain

As a National Level Weightlifter preparing for Olympic Trials, Kate's knowledge and expertise has allowed me to compete at levels higher than I though possible.  She has helped me recognize and correct muscular and postural imbalances that were impediments to my performance, allowing me to work harder.  I would highly recommend Kate's movement corrections and sports therapy to anyone who wants to maintain good health and perform at their best.

Matt Devine, USA Weightlifting
  Corrective Movement/Sports-Film Analysis/
  Sports Therapy: 


* Your session is unique to you or your team & could include any of the following:


* Checking Posture and Biomechanics to improve sports performance/daily living. This is essential in correcting movement patterns that have developed from injuries, surgery, improper running/cutting/lifting form, poor posture, or overuse from your particular sport/position or job.

* Speed:  the missing link in corrective movement back to sport.  Most athletes when returning from injury go from physical therapy & slow patterns back to sport without redeveloping the neurological and muscular components of fast corrective patterns.  We address this to reconnect the brain & body at high speeds.

* Film and online Video Analysis:  Kate's unique experience in reviewing athletes in motion has assisted many with sports performance, better movement patterns to see the field or court better and make the play and help with injury reduction.

* Hands On:  State of the art techniques may include: Movement & Postural Reeducation Techniques created by Deckers, FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy), ART (Active Release Technique) and/or PNF Stretching are hands on techniques where the client is first assessed then is an active participant to assist range of motion, recover from intense training or assisting recovery from an injury/surgery. It can help power & speed, recovery from sprains, strains, neural, muscular & fascial issues, or help rebalance your body to make you a more highly efficient machine!  Kate has logged months of training with top docs and sports med pros, and thousands of hours with professional athletes in these and other techniques. 


*  Helping you Run/Move Faster and More Efficiently by addressing Muscular Imbalances/Improving Running Form.  Enhancing Performance by retraining running/cutting form and other movement patterns on a sports surface to help you with efficiency, reduce potential injury risk, or help you from your injury back to sport.

* Assisting you Back from a Sports Related Injury.  Kate has worked extensively with athletes coming back from shoulder, neck, back, knee, ankle and foot injuries to name a few.  Headaches and post concussion issues are also an area of her research and study.

 *Clinics are also available for Sports Medicine Professionals and Coaches*



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**Please note Due to limited availability individualized therapy is on a first come first serve basis.  Thank you for understanding.

"I was referred to Kate when I realized I couldn't cross my legs.  Kate checked me out and explained what she saw in my posture and movements.  She was confident she could help me and gave me a realistic time frame. During the process she explained what she was doing and why and gave me stretches and exercises to do throughout the process.  We were partners in the care of my body.  I continued to work with Kate to become stronger in my workouts.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with MS.  Kate continues to be my "angel" through this disease. Her knowledge and movement therapies have reduced or eliminated many of my symptoms. Kate treats my body like the amazing machine it is.  She keeps me active and my body moving. Kate is the smartest and most caring person I have ever met."

"Lori Stash"

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