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How We Can Help You Achieve Your Goals


Ortho/Sports Therapy & Return 2 Play

Therapy:  In Person

Return 2 Play:  Online or In-Person

Available for Individual, Groups or Team

With this unique approach we look at your body in motion as well as through postural readings.  This is a whole view implementation to assist you with your goals whether with increased performance and mobility, injury recovery or return from injury.  

Various hands-on and/or movement enhancement techniques may be utilized as well as muscle testing, fascial and muscular reeducation & balancing and/or sports performance analysis. 

Team consults also available for correctives.

After your initial appointment, packages start at $760.


Sports Performance Coaching

Online or In-Person

Available for Individual, Group or Team


Every athlete, individual and team is different.  We start by getting to know you/your team, strengths, and areas in which you want to improve and customize programs and packages to your needs to increase success.


  • Coaching to improve power, strength, agility and speed will be developed toward your particular sport's', special attention is also geared toward reducing potential injuries.

  • Your sessions are exercise science based utilizing advanced principles in program design and combine sports medicine, strength and speed concepts addressing muscular balance for quicker results.

  • Working back from an injury?  We can work closely with your medical team to enhance your running, cutting and lifting patterns as you return to play.

Packages start at $680 after initial analysis.  Concierge Service also available.  See below for details.

Life and Motivational Coaching 

Online or In-Person

Available for Individual, Group or Team

Your sessions are individualized to you and your needs. We get to know you, your values and passion, the obstacles in your path and triumphs.  Together we uncover what is of the utmost importance to you or your team and create a plan to zero in on your goals and develop the steps to achieve them.  We help to motivate you and assist you in staying focused and on track towards greater success.  Overcoming obstacles?  We will help you with positive affirmations, or as we say, "Winning Thoughts." As life changes, goals sometimes change.  We can help with redirection toward your new goals and plan to achieve success in your new direction.  

Individual Packages Start at $250 per month.  

Team inquiries please call or email us.  

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The education we provide is based on over 40 years experience at every sports level working with athletes of 22 sports, encompassing sports performance, sports medicine and combining our 20 certifications. It has evolved from the experience of being in the industry and on teams with numerous Hall of Fame coaches and doctors and learning from some of the most elite sports, strength and speed coaches and sports medicine professionals in the nation.


Clinics, Workshops and Classes are available for Teams, Groups and Businesses on health, wellness, sports performance, sports medicine, faith, winning attitudes, injury prevention, return from injury, safely lifting in the work place, blending the sports performance and sports medicine departments to name a few.

Educational Workshops Available:

For:  Schools, organizations, parents, men's & women's groups

and athletic organizations including:

  • East Stroudsburg University

  • Chattanooga Christian School

  • Eastern Athletic Trainers Association

  • Parents Associations

  • National Athletic Trainers Association

  • Fellowship of Christian Athlete

  • Fork Union Military Academy

  • Juniata College Strength and Conditioning Clinic 

  • NJ Board of Education Student Association

  • Philadelphia Eagles

  • Philanthropic Educational Organization

  • Shepherd of the Sea Lutheran Men in Mission

  • Southeastern Sports Medicine Symposium

  • Susquehanna Sports Health Systems

  • National Strength & Conditioning Assoc. Events

  • University of Delaware                                                      

Concierge Service                              

(Limited Number Per Year) Annual Rate   

Want it All?  Your Concierge Service Awaits and Is Available Each Year to a Select Number of Clients Providing You with Holistic, Personalized Service to Help You Reach Your Athletic or Health and Fitness Goals.  Particular Care Is Taken To Identify and Discuss Your Weekly and Monthly Needs While Providing Continuous Updates to Help You Stay Healthy and Stride Forward to Obtain Your Specialized Objectives.

Your Concierge Service Provides a Minimum of the Following:

  • 4 Short Video Analysis Per Month (Running, Lifting, General Movement Patterns, Sport Film)

  • 4 - 30 Minute or 2 - 60 Minute Zoom Consults/Workouts or Flexibility Sessions Per Month.

  • General Nutrition Overview Semi-Annually 

  • Running and lifting progressions based on each session and video analysis.

  • Corrective Exercise According to Analysis, Sport and Goals

  • Accessibility through text or email

  • 2 - 3 or 4 Days a Week Workout Sessions Per Month Built for You, Your Goals and Needs Specifically In Mind.

  • 2 - 30 Minute Life Coaching Sessions Per Week to Help You Stay Focused and Successful

*Expanded Services Can Be Added (Fee) To Include Additional: Sessions, Analysis and Sports Therapy Sessions (In-Person).  Travel To Your Location Will Also Be Considered.

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