Inspiring each individual and team to reach 

their goals in athletics and life by becoming

faster, more flexible, stronger, 

healthier and less prone to injury 

through coaching, therapy, education 

and motivational speaking. 

Let us help you achieve your goals.

Available online and locally.

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About Us

IAM was created to fill a need for 

advanced coaching of athletes, 

individuals and teams based on science

to increase performance

and reduce many potential injuries. We also assist individuals and teams to reach their goals through

education, workshops, life coaching and  

Sports and ortho therapy.

With 20+ years experience working with over 1000 athletes, from Youth to Olympic Medalists from 7 sports, and numerous collegiate and professional teams, we know what it takes. 

Whether online or locally, we look forward to assisting you in achieving your goals...


How We Can Help

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Kind Words From Clients

"As a professional athlete, I have learned that in order to reach one's fullest athletic potential one must surround oneself with the best support team.  Kate Decker is someone you want on your team.  Having spent a good bit of time in the training room I found Kate's coaching and sports therapy style to be unparalleled.  She covers all the angles in the recovery process with her wealth of knowledge on the table to her ability to motivate in the gym (in my case Kate used running and movement correction, ART and FST). Kate is simply the best at what she does.  Even now, states apart, she continues to offer me help anyway she can which I think speaks volumes about her character and work ethic."

-Michi Ellers,

USA World Champion,

Women's Lacrosse

2x 1st Team All-American, Georgetown Lacrosse

"When I first noticed the Deckers it was because they were training Quintin Mikell and he was a step faster than anyone else on the field.  That's when I started training with them.  Every person had special drills specifically for then and their position.  They worked on my explosiveness and movements and even watched videos and films of me during the game to help me. I wish I had them earlier in my career.  I think they would have added years to nt career.  Kate with movement therapy helped keep me on the field with 11 seasons and 6 knee surgeries.  She helped get me ready each game and for practice during the week."

​-Jeremiah Trotter, LB, NFL

Hall of Fame - Philadelphia Eagles

NFL 2x Pro Bowler, 2x All Pro

Coming in 2021 


"Get Your Head In the Game"


For Parents, Coaches, Athletes, Sports Medicine Professionals, &

Fitness Enthusiasts


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