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Institute of Athletic Movement

Acts of Kindness Contest

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Join Us! Start Date  Jan. 1, 2021

Let’s Unite to Make a Positive Impact

and Start 2021 Strong and Healthy 


Join in IAM's Acts of Kindness Contest  

Register To Be Eligible

to Win Prizes!


  • Join in and Perform Acts Of Kindness (AOK) to be eligible to win prizes (following the rules/waiver) 

  • Capture your AOK (Acts of Kindness) in photographs.

  • Send in your story and pics when you register below. (You may also mail in your registration).  

  • IAM will choose winners based on creativity, originality, and the positive impact the AOK has on another person, group or community.

  • All AOK's must be performed during the contest. Registration starts January 1, 2021.  All Entries Must be Received No Later Than January 29, 2021.

  • IAM will choose from your stories and announce winners on February 1, 2021.  


  • Open to individuals, teams and businesses nationwide

  • Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

  • Participants agree to all rules and waiver

  • Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners.  (Prizes may also be awarded locally with enough local participation in the following locations: Atlanta/Alpharetta, GA; Myrtle Beach, SC; Marlton, NJ; Chattanooga, TN) 


Where:  Nationwide and some local areas as well see list under "Who." 

When:  The Contest and registration will begin January 1, 2021.  All entries must be RECEIVED no later that January 29, 2021. Winners will be announced February 1, 2021.  


  • Perform an Act of Kindness.  Remember originality, creativity and the positive impact it has will be judged.  

  • Register below to enter. (Or mail in your entry.  All entries must be received no later than January 29, 2021).  

  • Agree to all rules and waiver. (Check back soon for more details) Registration begins January 1, 2021.  

  • With your entry please include a detailed short story (1- page max) and photographs of your unique AOK that you complete within the timeframe listed for the contest. 

  • Winners will be announced February 1, 2021.  Sponsors of prizes are listed below. 

  • Only 1 entry per person/group or team please. 

  •  ***We do ask for you to stay safe and adhere to the CDC health, safety and social distancing regulations as well as state, local and federal laws and ordinances to be considered for the contest and keep everyone safe in the process!***

For Full Rules, Waiver and Registration See Below.

***Sponsors of Contest/Prizes are Listed B­elow.*

Finalists and the Overall Winner 

Will Receive Prizes from One or More of Our Following Sponsors

We’d like to thank our sponsors for joining us in providing prizes to our contestants for the

best/most unique Acts of Kindness!  Learn more about our sponsors/prizes:


Synergy Sports Wellness, Alpharetta, GA

Elite Spine and Sport, Marlton, NJ 

Healing Hands Acupuncture & Colorpuncture, PA/NJ

Black Dog Running Co., Myrtle Beach, SC  

Synergy Sports Wellness Institute, Atlanta, GA

Institute of Athletic Movement, Chattanooga, TN




Jennifer Bartrum, PT Isagenix Exec & Health Advocate   



Institute of Athletic Movement

ALL Qualified Contestants:

Will receive an IAM discount

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**Institute of Athletic Movement**

Memberships and Online Courses Coming in January 2021

Strength, Speed, Sports Performance and Life Coaching, Educational Courses, Clinics and Workshops.  Online & In-Person.  Ortho and Sports-Therapy locally in Chattanooga, TN.  

Rules and Waiver PDF. Click Below


Or visit Contest Rules and Waiver page on our website. By clicking here

The Deckers / IAM have worked with:

Philadelphia Eagles, UNC, Chattanooga Christian School,

UVAUniversity of Delaware, CCU, Susquehanna University,

East Stroudsburg University, Temple University

Athletes from 22 Sports, 15 NFL Teams, Numerous Countries and

Olympic Medalists from 7 Sports

We Look forward to the Opportunity to

Help You Reach Your Goals.


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Thankful to all the amazing athletes and individuals I/we work with and have worked with in the past.  You mean the world to us and we appreciate your support, and belief in us!  

Check out our Testimonial Page and throughout our website.  Special words from special people.

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