Inspiring each individual and team to reach 

their goals in athletics and life by becoming

faster, more flexible, stronger, 

healthier and less prone to injury 

through coaching, therapy, education 

and motivational speaking. 

Let us help you achieve your goals.

Available online and locally.

EDUCATIONAL Event:  Join Us!

A 4-Part Series:  Dedicated to the Long Term Performance of the Youth Athlete

"Performance Enhancement:  The Inside Scoop
What Every Parent, Coach & Administrator Needs to Know"


Experience the Difference

IAM is developed on faith based principles to utilize our God given talents to help lift others up through coaching, therapy and education. With a combined 40 years experience working with youth aged athletes as well as hundreds of college and professional athletes we provide a service unlike any other.


The complete athlete is not just a runner, jumper or thrower.  The complete athlete is a combination of what they eat, how they think, their proper preparation within sports performance in the weight room, the development of fine motor skills, and quick reactions, the enhancement of biomechanics, strength and power while staying healthy.  We consider all of these aspects when working with each individual and team.


Tried and true, but always transforming to provide an unparalleled experience.



We treat each individual as though they are one of our Gold Medal Olympians.


The science behind coaching, athletics, recovery, and mental prep continues to evolve.  The Deckers are leaders in the industry in developing athletes through a unique way of coaching.  


The results achieved of high numbers in strength, speed, movement enhancement and explosion are based on the in-depth study of biomechanics, anatomy, recovery, volume in general and geared toward the individual team or athlete.  

*Sports Performance and Life Coaching* are available both online and in Chattanooga, TN on an individual and Team Basis

Sports Performance Camps Available


Sports/Ortho Therapy &

Return from Injury

IAM's unique approach to sports/ortho therapy and return from injury was developed through 18 years of working with Pro & Collegiate Teams, nationally recognized coaches, athletes and sports medicine professionals, as well as on Medical Mission Trips & working with individuals with severe neural and ortho disorders and injuries. 

We are thankful to offer these services to individuals of all ages and levels focusing on assisting you with returning from injury, recovery from workouts, increased performance/flexibility and enhanced movements patterns.

*Hands on therapy is available*

in Chattanooga.

Movement Enhancement is available both online and in Chattanooga, TN



With 40+ years experience working with over 1000 athlete, and having dual backgrounds in sports performance and sports medicine, the Deckers are nationally sought after speakers and educators on many subjects in the health, wellness and long term development of athletes.

Whether educating one individual or hundreds at a time we place you, your group or team and your goals as first priority by developing clinics, camps and classes to meet your needs. Please check our Services section for more information.

*See below for upcoming events* starting April 8 and in May, 2021 Contact us to create an exclusive clinic for you and your group.

Upcoming Events:

Live Remote 4-Part Series:       

 "Supporting Your Athlete's Athletic Dreams"

For Parents, Coaches and School Administrators of the K-12 Athlete

Starting Thursday, April 8, 2021 6:30pm

Tennessee Strength & Conditioning Educational Clinic:

Institute of Athletic Movement is a Sponsor of this event

Hosting Event:  IAM's & CCS' Coach Tony Decker and CCS 

IAM's Kate Decker will be a presenter along with renowned Coaches

Rob Panariello, Johnny Parker, Rob Oviatt, and Ethan Reeve

May 15, 2021 at CCS

Recruiting:  Live Remote Class


The Deckers are dedicated to helping parents with the recruiting process.  

Find out more on our events page

Coming in May, 2021

Peak Athletic Performance Camps:

In Conjunction with CCS Available to All Athletes: 

9th - 12th Grade  1-4pm

June 7-10, 2021  

6th - 8th Grade   1-4pm 

July 12-15, 2021

High School Combine Prep:

July, 2021 Date coming soon.


Kind Words From Clients

"As a professional athlete, I have learned that in order to reach one's fullest athletic potential one must surround oneself with the best support team.  Kate Decker is someone you want on your team.  Having spent a good bit of time in the training room I found Kate's coaching and sports therapy style to be unparalleled.  She covers all the angles in the recovery process with her wealth of knowledge on the table to her ability to motivate in the gym (in my case Kate used running and movement correction, ART and FST). Kate is simply the best at what she does.  Even now, states apart, she continues to offer me help anyway she can which I think speaks volumes about her character and work ethic."

-Michi Ellers,

USA World Champion,

Women's Lacrosse

2x 1st Team All-American, Georgetown Lacrosse

"When I first noticed the Deckers it was because they were training Quintin Mikell and he was a step faster than anyone else on the field.  That's when I started training with them.  Every person had special drills specifically for then and their position.  They worked on my explosiveness and movements and even watched videos and films of me during the game to help me. I wish I had them earlier in my career.  I think they would have added years to nt career.  Kate with movement therapy helped keep me on the field with 11 seasons and 6 knee surgeries.  She helped get me ready each game and for practice during the week."

​-Jeremiah Trotter, LB, NFL

Hall of Fame - Philadelphia Eagles

NFL 2x Pro Bowler, 2x All Pro

Coming in 2021 


"Get Your Head In the Game"


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